Official HSK Test Centers in the Philippines (with Location & Contact Details)

HSK test center Philippines

If you are studying Mandarin Chinese in the Philippines, you might want to take the HSK test to certify your Chinese skills as well. HSK – the world’s most acknowledged test for Chinese proficiency, not only measures your progress, but also opens doors to a wide range of job opportunities in the Philippines and China, and supports career advancement. 

And if you are looking for an HSK test center in the Philippines, we are here to help. As of 2024, there is a total of 5 authorized HSK test centers in the Philippines, giving you a few options.

Among the 5 HSK test centers in the Philippines, 4 of them offer both internet-based HSK tests (also known as computer-based HSK tests) as well as traditional paper-based HSK tests. In this post, we include all their addresses and contact details. Simply scroll down to find the test center close to where you live.

(HSK test can be taken either on computer or paper. Read on to compare their pros and cons.)

Where to Take the HSK Test in the Philippines

The HSK test is administered at 3 Confucius Institutes across the Philippines, as well as at Chiang Kai Shek College and the Philippine Chinese Education Research Center (PCERC) in Manila.

You can take the HSK test in the following cities in the Philippines (i=internet-based HSK; p=paper-based HSK):

  • Angeles City (p)
  • Davao City (i/p)
  • Manila (i/p)
  • Quezon City (i/p)

Complete List of All HSK Test Centers in the Philippines:

Here’s the full list of the 5 HSK test centers in the Philippines. (These test centers also organize HSKK – the Chinese Proficiency Spoken Test.)

Test Centers Offering Both Internet & Paper-Based HSK (#1-4):

1. Confucius Institute at the Ateneo de Davao University
Address: E. Jacinto Street 8016 Davao City, Davao Region
Phone: (6382) 221 2411

2. Confucius Institute at the Ateneo de Manila University
Address: 2/F, Room 206 Manila Observatory, Ateneo De Manila University, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Phone: 426 6001 Local 5288

3. Chiang Kai Shek College
Address:1477 Narra Street, Tondo, Manila
Phone: (632) 252 6161 Local 3109

4. The Philippine Chinese Education Research Center 
Address: 4/F, Alliance Bldg, 410 Quintin Paredes Street, Binondo, Manila
Phone: (632) 8242 7860, (632) 8241 2906

Test Centers Offering Paper-Based HSK Only (#5):

5. Confucius Institute at Angeles University Foundation
Address: Mac-Arthur Highway, Angeles City, Pampanga
Phone: (63-45) 6250 3618, (625) 2888 local 783

Note: Not all test centers in the Philippines necessarily administer HSK tests on every level throughout the year. While we at ImproveMandarin.Com aim to keep the published list as accurate as possible (the above list is updated yearly following the data provided by CLEC, the HSK test organizer), we suggest you contact the test centers to reconfirm available dates and venues before you sign up for an HSK test

What’s Next?

Now that you know where to take the HSK test in the Philippines, it’s time to find out when, and how to take the HSK!

We’ve also written a free, in-depth test preparation guide for each HSK level. Don’t miss out!  

Our site – ImproveMandarin.Com is a fantastic, free reference resource you can go to for honing your HSK and Chinese skills. If you have any questions or hiccups, we’re right here for you!

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