Official HSK Test Centers in Beijing (with Location & Contact Details)

Beijing HSK test centers

So you are looking for an HSK test center in Beijing? You are at the right place.

An HSK certificate not only shows your proficiency but may also help you qualify for advanced positions, boost your income or allow you to advance in both job and university settings.

It’s very convenient to take the HSK test in Beijing if you live in the city. As of 2024, there are 41 authorized HSK test centers in Beijing, and 23 of them now offer the test taker-friendly computer-based test (also known as the internet-based/online HSK test)! In this guide, you’ll find all their locations and contact details.

(HSK test can be taken either on paper or computer. Read on to compare the pros and cons)

Where to Take the HSK Test in Beijing

You can find HSK test centers in the following districts of Beijing (c=computer test, p=paper test).

  • Changping(c/p)
  • Chaoyang(c/p)
  • Dongcheng(p)
  • Haidian(c/p)
  • Shunyi(c/p)
  • Tongzhou(p)
  • Xicheng(c/p)

The HSK testing dates and fees are the same at all of these centers. You can select the test center of your preference or close to you.

If you are studying at a university in Beijing, chances are your school already runs an HSK testing center, so just stick with it.

If you aren’t an international student but work in Beijing, you will find it easier to sign up at a Chinese language school or educational company authorized to conduct HSK tests in central Beijing, for example, Mandarin House in the Guomao area, Confucius Institute Online and Confucius Institute E-learning Center near Desheng Gate, to name a few.

Another reason you might want to choose private schools is that they are usually more accommodating and helpful than public universities. (it’s not required to enroll in their Mandarin courses to take the HSK test).

Complete List of All HSK Test Centers in Beijing

With that said, let’s check out the full list. Note unless otherwise specified, these HSK test centers also organize HSKK tests (spoken test).  

Test Centers Offering Both Computer & Paper-Based HSK (#1-10):

1. Beijing International Chinese College (Chaoyang)
Address: Sanlitun Campus, 2 West Lane, Baijiazhuang, Chaoyang
Phone: (010) 6492 7978, 183 1105 6366
Note: the test venue is 35 East Qinghua Road, Beijing Forestry University, Chaoyang

2. University of International Business and Economics (Chaoyang)
Address: Room 421, Chengxin Building, 10 East Huixin Street, Chaoyang
Phone: (010) 64493801, 136 9102 4130

3. Civil Aviation Management Institute of China (Chaoyang)
Address: 3 East Huajiadi Road, Chaoyang
Phone: (010) 8472 9166, 136 1111 7532

4. Peking University (Haidian)
Address: 5 Yiheyuan Road, Haidian
Phone: (010) 62751916

5. Beijing Language and Culture University (Haidian)
Address: Room 508, Tower B, Zonghe Building, 15 Xueyuan Road, Haidian
Phone: (010) 8230 3550

6. China Youth University of Political Studies (Haidian)
Address: Room 309, Zhiyuan Building, 25 North Xisanhuan Road, Haidian
Phone: (010) 8856 9006

7. Minzu University of China (Haidian)
Address: 27 South Zhongguancun Avenue, Haidian
Phone: (010) 6893 3263

8. Cangzhou Zhenghua Korean School in Beijing (Shunyi)
Address: Shunyi Campus, 99 Jingshun Road, Shunyi
Phone: (010) 8234 5510 x2024, 131 6428 8435

9. Wuzhou Hanfeng Education (Xicheng)
Address: 17F, Tower B, Desheng International Center, 83 Deshengmenwai Avenue, Xicheng
Phone: (010) 5930 7569

10. Confucius Institute Online (Xicheng)
Address: 18F, Tower B, Desheng International Center, 83 Deshengmenwai Avenue, Xicheng
Phone: (010) 59307553, (010) 59307500 

Test Centers Only Offering Computer-Based HSK (#11-23):

11. Beijing Royal School (Changping)
Address: 11 Wangfu Street, Qijia Town, Changping
Phone: (010) 8078 9510

12. Beijing International Studies University (Chaoyang)
Address: 1 South Alley, Dingfuzhuang, Chaoyang
Phone: (010) 6577 8561

13. Beijing Bacui Bilingual School (Chaoyang)
Address: 1 Bacui Road, Chaoyang
Phone: (010) 6549 7458
Note: HSKK test is not organized at this center

14. Beijing Information Technology College (Chaoyang)
Address: 5 West Fangyuan Road, Chaoyang
Phone: (010) 8530 5099, 138 1069 0809
Note: HSKK test is not organized at this center

15. Beijing University of Technology (Chaoyang)
Address: Room 810, Building No.4, 100 Pingleyuan, Chaoyang
Phone: (010) 6739 3133

16. Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (Chaoyang)
Address: 11 East Beisanhuan Road, Pudong
Phone: (010) 6428 6303

17. Communication University of China (Chaoyang)
Address: 1 East Dingfuzhuang Street, Chaoyang
Phone: (010) 6578 3750, 136 5113 8590

18. Beijing Jiaotong University (Haidian)
Address: 44 Gaoliangqiao Street, Haidian
Phone: (010) 5168 5179

19. China University of Political Science and Law (Haidian)
Address: Room A206, Building No.1, 25 West Tucheng Road, Haidian
Phone: (010) 5890 8339, 138 1026 5623

20. Capital University of Physical Education and Sports (Haidian)
Address: 11 West Beisanhuan Road, Haidian
Phone: 150 0131 0890

21. China Agriculture University (Haidian)
Address: Eastern Campus, 17 East Qinghua Road, Haidian
Phone: (010) 6273 7764

22. Confucius Institute E-Learning Center (Xicheng)
Address: 10F, Sinolight Mansion, 10 Deshengmenwai Avenue, Xicheng
Phone: (010) 5930 1062

23. Hantong Education (Xicheng)
Address: Room 201, BLDG 4, 305 Guanganmenwai Avenue, Xicheng
Phone: 186 1031 5926

Test Centers Only Offering Paper-Based HSK (#24-41):

24. Beijing Huijia Private School (Changping)
Address: 157 Changhuai Road, Changping
Phone: 186 1260 1686

25. China University of Petroleum (Changping)
Address: Room A207, International Students Residence Building, 18 Xuefu Road, Changping
Phone: 134 2600 4975

26. Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College (Changping)
Address: 69 Qibei Road, Changping
Phone: 134 0119 3428

27. Mandarin House Chinese Language School (Chaoyang)
Address: Suite 317, Tower 16, China Central Place, 89 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang
Phone: (010) 5203 6550, 159 1023 6469

28. The Bridge School (Chaoyang)
Address: Room 503, 5F, Guangming Hotel, 42 Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang
Phone: (010) 8451 7605, 136 8153 9446

29. Beijing Institute of Economics and Management (Chaoyang)
Address: Room 111, BLDG 5, 12 Huajiadi Street, Chaoyang
Phone: (010) 6472 0764

30. Beijing Youth Politics College (Chaoyang)
Address: 9 Huajiadi Street, Chaoyang
Phone: 136 1112 5139
Note: HSKK test is not organized at this center

31. Beijing Language and Culture Center for Diplomatic Missions (Chaoyang)
Address: 7 Sanlitun North Alley, Chaoyang
Phone: (010) 6532 4302

32. Beijing No.55 High School (Dongcheng)
Address: International Students Department, 12 Xinzhong Street, Dongcheng
Phone: 180 0119 5560

33. Beihang University (Haidian)
Address: 37 Xueyuan Road, Haidian
Phone: (010) 8231 3382, (010) 8231 7686

34. Beijing Foreign Studies University (Haidian)
Address: 2 North Xisanhuan Road, Haidian
Phone: (010) 8881 7812

35. Open University of China (Haidian)
Address: 2 Weigongcun Road, Haidian
Phone: (010) 6649 0431

36. Tsinghua University (Haidian)
Address: Room 111, Wennan Building, 30 Shuangqing Road, Haidian
Phone: (010) 6278 9381 135 2111 2746

37. Capital Normal University (Haidian)
Address: Room 111, 83 North Xisanhuan Road, Haidian
Phone: (010) 6890 1049

38. Renmin University of China (Haidian)
Address: Room 112, Renwen Building, 59 Zhongguancun Avenue, Haidian
Phone: (010) 6251 5896, 158 1089 8152

39. Great Wall Chinese (Haidian)
Address: Room 31027, Zhongtai Mansion, 3 Shuangqing Road, Haidian
Phone: (010) 6280 0921, 153 2153 8519

40. Beijing Luhe International Academy (Tongzhou)
Address: 10 West Yudaihe Street, Tongzhou
Phone: (010) 6954 5525, 136 0121 4282

41. Beijing Yucai School (Xicheng)
Address: International Students Department, 21 Dongjing Road, Xicheng
Phone: (010) 5282 9888 x5016, 133 6697 0398

Note: Not all test centers in Beijing necessarily administer HSK tests on every level throughout the year. While we at ImproveMandarin.Com aim to keep the published list as accurate as possible (the above list is updated yearly following the data provided by CLEC, the HSK test organizer), we suggest you contact the test centers to reconfirm available open dates and venues before you sign up for an HSK test

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