70+ Free Official HSK Practice Tests for All Levels (Real Questions and Answers)

Looking for an authentic HSK practice test to simulate test day? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve carefully created a series of free HSK sample tests and practice tests – both online and on paper – to help you prepare for the real HSK exam. Whichever HSK level you’re aiming for, you’ll find the right test.

These full-length HSK practice tests feature real listening, reading, and writing test questions administered in the past and the same scoring algorithm as the actual HSK exam. You can become familiar with the types of questions and content on the official HSK and understand how the test sections are structured.

For each level of the HSK, we include a sample test complete with an introduction to the test format, and 10 free practice tests with downloadable audio files for the listening section. All answers are provided at the end of the test papers.

Practice as often as you like. Good luck!

Online HSK Practice Tests

Created by previous HSK examiners and HSK experts, these full-length computer-adaptive HSK practice tests can give you the experience of taking the real HSK test. You will practice by using authentic questions from past HSK exams.

Make time to take the HSK practice test online. Take it at home, school, or wherever there’s an internet connection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s one of the best ways to get ready for the HSK.

Best of all, our HSK practice tests require no registration and are completely free! After you’ve taken the sample practice test online, your answers will automatically be scored. Review your answers and focus on what you missed.

Printable Paper HSK Practice Tests

Prefer to take a pencil-and-paper HSK practice test? Download and print the paper practice tests (PDF) available below. The audio files for the listening section of each practice test are provided along with the test papers.

Once you have completed the sample practice test, use the answer key attached to the test papers to check your answers and score your test.

How to Get the Most Out of HSK Practice Tests

Have an "Official Test" Mindset

Respond to the questions seriously, as you would during a real HSK test. Your score will be less accurate if you respond casually or carelessly to the tasks.

Take the Test in One Sitting Without Distractions

Taking a full-length test will keep your practice test experience as realistic as possible and help build up your mental stamina for test day.

Keep Strict Timing on Each Section

Taking the test under real timing conditions will help you get used to the time pressures of the HSK and improve your time management skills. 

Review Every Mistake You Made Carefully

Review each question you got wrong or guessed on. Learn why you answered them incorrectly and work to avoid making them again on future tests.

Make Time for Multiple Practice Tests

Factor in time for several practice tests throughout the duration of your study process, so that you’ll be able to keep track of your improvements.

Use Supplemental Resources If Necessary

If practice tests aren't enough for you, resort to supplementary HSK resources to learn the skills and strategies needed for success on the HSK.

FAQs about HSK Practice

Taking an HSK practice test proves to be a great way to prepare for the HSK exam. It gives you a baseline for understanding where you are starting from. You can identify your strengths and weakness quickly, and use the results as the basis for planning the rest of your studying.

Besides, by taking practice tests, you will get to know the test format, experience the types of tasks you will be asked to undertake, and build your confidence and stamina needed for success on the test day.

Comprised of all previously administered questions, you can be sure that our HSK practice tests are similar to the real exam. So, get the most out of these materials as you prepare for your test.

Advice: to get the most realistic HSK test experience, time yourself as you take each section of the practice test.

From our experience with thousands of students, we recommend taking a series of three practice tests throughout your preparation process.  

Typically, you need to have 2-3 months to study for the HSK exam. Some students might need even longer. You should take the first HSK practice test before your preparation to establish a starting point. Based on the result, you can create an HSK study plan and brush on the areas in which you need help. The second test is good to use as a question bank for content studying. It helps you get used to the different questions types and also makes you better at time management. Take your last practice test 7-10 days before your test date to measure your improvements and see if you’re ready for the real exam.

If you want to take more than three practice tests, go ahead and try it out – just make sure that you balance your preparation with some focused studying on your weaknesses so that you can make faster progress.

HSK emphasizes integrative Chinese skills and using multiple skills at a time to answer a question. 

HSK 1 and HSK 2 are designed for basic learners. The tests consist of only two sections: listening and reading. Each section is broken down into a number of questions that are presented in both Pinyin and Chinese characters. There is no writing section.

HSK 3, HSK 4, HSK 5, and HSK 6 are designed for more advanced learners. The tests are comprised of three sections: listening, reading, and writing. All questions are presented only in Chinese characters. 

On HSK 1 and HSK 2, each section receives a score from 0 to 100. The scores of the two sections are then added together for a final, total score of 200 points, and you need to score at least 120 to pass the tests.

On HSK 3, HSK 4, HSK 5, and HSK 6, each section is scored out of 100 points and then combined for a total score of 300. To pass the tests, you need to score at least 180.

To put it simply, any HSK level that enables to you do what you wish to do in Chinese can be considered good. For instance, if your objective is to be able to get around in China using simple Chinese, HSK 3 is good for you. If you want to get the feeling of freedom when speaking Chinese, then you should aim for HSK 5. (Read here for more details on HSK levels)

To pass an HSK test, you just need to reach the corresponding passing score – that’s all that matters. However, if you’re taking the HSK test as part of the application to Chinese universities, pay attention to the HSK requirement for your specific school – many schools provide a minimum cutoff score you must attain on the test for consideration. Essentially, a good HSK score can be considered anything equal to or higher than the minimum required score for your program.

(Usually, something between HSK 5 and HSK 6 is required to get admitted to a university in China. You can look up the HSK requirements for major Chinese universities here.)

The HSK test fees will depend on the level and the location of your testing center. Generally, you can expect to pay around 20-100 US dollars every time you take the official HSK test. The price for taking the HSK in China starts from 150 CNY (HSK 1) and increases by 100 CNY for each level. For example, HSK 5 would cost 550 CNY.

Quick note: it’s easy to overestimate your abilities and fail the test, especially when you’re aiming high. Make sure you are ready for the official exam by taking our free HSK sample practice tests!


HSK Preparation: What's Next?

HSK practice exam

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