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HSK 1 vocabulary word list

HSK 1 Vocabulary List: All 150 Words You Need to Know to Pass HSK Level 1 Test

出租车 chūzūchē… 睡觉 shuìjiào… 怎么样 zěnmeyàng… Do you know those words yet? They’re some of the HSK 1 vocabulary words. If you’re going to take the test, it’s time to memorize them! If you don’t know, HSK stands for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (汉语水平考试), meaning “Mandarin Chinese Proficiency Test”. It’s the world’s most well-known and acknowledged

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HSK 2 vocabulary word list

HSK 2 Vocabulary List: All 300 Words You Need to Know to Pass HSK Level 2 Test

事情  shìqing… 旅游 lǚyóu… 踢足球 tī zúqiú… Do you know these words yet? They’re some of the HSK 2 vocabulary words. If you’re going to take the test, now is the time to memorize them! If you don’t know, HSK is the acronym for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (汉语水平考试), which means “Mandarin Chinese Proficiency Test”. It’s the most well-known and acknowledged test

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Chinese numbers

Chinese Numbers: The Complete Guide to Numbers in Mandarin

Chinese numbers are an incredibly important part of our daily lives. Admit it, whether you want to haggle at a wet market or give the taxi driver your address, you can’t do without knowing how to express numbers in Chinese. The good news? Even though Mandarin Chinese is a complex language, learning its number system

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Chinese names for US states

Chinese Names for 50 US States (Plus Abbreviations)

If you are from the United States and visiting or living in China, one of the most common questions you’ll likely be asked from curious Chinese people is which US state you’re from. So you’ll definitely want to know how to answer! Sure, you may belt out the name of your state in English. Problem is,

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country names in Chinese

197 Country Names in Chinese (Complete List + Abbreviations)

Country names are crucial to add to your vocabulary when you learn the Chinese language. Whether you want to introduce yourself to your new Chinese friends or colleagues, or are reading international news and want to understand the setting, you’ll need to know the countries in Chinese. Mandarin Chinese has a different name for every

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