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27+ Hilarious Chinese Jokes to Make You Laugh Like Crazy (For All Levels)

Chinese jokes are a great way to practice your Chinese: not only do they provide a lot of useful vocabulary but also allow you to see Chinese grammar rules and sentence structures in action. They’re also excellent for pronunciation practice, especially since sharing the joke with your friends often requires some repetition. Chinese jokes also offer a glimpse

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most famous chinese people

Top 25 Most Famous Chinese People of All Time (with Pics)

China is known the world over for its profound history, mind-boggling culture, delectable food, and certainly also its extraordinary people – there have been many influential and illustrious Chinese over the centuries: emperors, politicians, philosophers, scientists, writers, actors, artists, and many more that have helped fabricate the world as we know it today.  Who doesn’t know Confucius, Chairman Mao,

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most popular Chinese actors

Top 20 Most Popular Chinese Actors (+ Their Best Movies)

In the cinema as on TV screen, China has always been brimming with talented actors. Chinese actors exude style, charm, and gift. And with every single film or drama, they win us over a little bit more. But have you been wondering which of the numerous Chinese actors out there is the most popular one in the Chinese-speaking

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name in Chinese

My Chinese Name: How to Say and Write Your Name in Chinese (+ Examples)

帕特里克 Pà tè lǐ kè… 夏洛特 Xià luò tè… 史蒂文 Shǐ dì wén… Do these names sound familiar to you? They’re some of the most common English names pronounced in Mandarin Chinese. If you are visiting or living in China, one of the big questions you can’t get away with from Chinese people is “what’s your name?”. So you’ll

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The Most Common Surnames in China and Their Meanings

101 Most Common Surnames in China and Their Meanings (2022)

23,813 surnames have been recorded throughout the history of China, of which 5,662 surnames are still in active use today, however, the top 100 are extremely common, making up 85.9% of the 1.4 billion population in China. In fact, 596.3 million Chinese people, or 42.9% of the population share the same 10 family names!  So what are

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