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Launched in 2020, and with over one million readers so far, Improve Mandarin is one of the world’s largest sites dedicated to Mandarin learning. 

Mandarin is easy to start, but hard to master. Finding the right resource to learn Mandarin was a challenge. While expert guides and tips were everywhere, most of them were hard to trust – many were just clickbait with no actual substance, or worse, trying to sell a product that was never gonna work on you.

We’ve practically looked at every Chinese learning site under the sun. After too many moments of sighing “This is total crap”, we decided to do something about it. And that’s precisely why we launched Improve Mandarin, a comprehensive resource, in early-2020.

We know how most people struggle during the Mandarin learning journey. Our goal is to provide you with the most trustworthy advice and practical knowledge and empower you to dramatically improve your Mandarin.

We try to cut through the noise by serving up straightforward, science-backed guides and honest reviews of courses and apps we’ve battle-tested ourselves.

We also produce simple and inspiring Mandarin tutorials and make them accessible and free for everyone. Our primary focus is on topics of pronunciation, tones, characters, vocabulary, grammar, and cultural tips.

These, we’ve found, are the fundamental building blocks for reaching Mandarin fluency and allowing you to be an efficient communicator when interacting with a real Chinese person. On top of that, we write guides for HSK test-takers and young learners.

We certainly haven’t covered them all. But we’re always contributing. Our content is always evolving and never set in stone.

Welcome to Improve Mandarin, the no-BS guide for smart Mandarin learners like you.

The Team Behind Improve Mandarin

Improve Mandarin is run by one of the most talented virtual teams on the planet – accomplished Mandarin experts and seasoned learners who’ve been sharing their knowledge passionately since 2005.

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